Hi, I'm Tony. After running a coworking space for 6.5 years and building coworking communities in NYC for over 8 years, I'm opening myself up to help as many fellow coworking space organizers as much as I can. Managing a coworking community isn't easy, but it can probably be a lot easier for a lot of people. I'm here to make it easier for you!

$5: Ask me anything

I'm running a limited promotion on Fiverr.com to answer anyone's coworking-related question for $5. My responses will be either in the form of a written repsonse, a video, or a resource I create. I'll use these questions as an opporutnity to create more paid and free resources for coworking community organizers, so the more questions people ask, the more handy things I'll have to share!

$20: Buy my eBook full of handy tips

Anyone who’s ever run a coworking space knows that while it’s wonderfully fulfilling work, it’s also not without its un-glamorous and downright gross parts. Running a workspace every day is no easy undertaking; entropy creeps in at every opportunity. Things get messy. Culture shifts in unpredictable ways. Without careful management and smart tricks, the job can easily drive one to burnout.

To help managers combat the most common challenges, I've put together an eBook that outlines 12 simplte but powerful tactics we used at New Work City to build better culture and make life eaiser.

$250: A 90-minute laser-focused problem-solving consult

The more coworking community organizers I speak to, the more I get the powerful sense that, while new communities are starting daily and many are doing well on paper as workspaces, the culture and participation in these spaces are sorely lacking.

To that end, I’m kicking off a new effort that will give organizers a way to revitalize their community through a fairly simple but powerful program. The process follows three basic phases: Evaluate, Identify, and Implement. Each exercise will be valuable unto itself, with the following phase building on the previous.

$250-$750: Become a Cotivation organizer

Cotivation is a simple but powerful accountability program for the members of coworking spaces. I developed it when I saw that my community needed revitalization, after I found trying to get existing members to talk to each other more to be painfully ineffective.

What resulted was so successful that it's now spread to a half-dozen cities. Susan Dorsch, the first person to organize a Cotivation group after me, is now working with me to train new organizers in how to develop similar groups in their spaces. It's awesome.

You can connect with Cotivation on Facebook and Twitter.

Ready to dive deep? Let's talk long-term consulting.

I will work with you to identify the easiest and most impactful ways you can clear out your challenges and set your community up to not only be stronger in the short term but able to be systematically improving and revitalizing itself over time.