Hello! You've reached the website of Tony Bacigalupo.

Hint: It's pronounced "bah-chee-gah-loo-poe." It means kiss of the wolf. Yes, it's a badass name!


I'm currently helping people build coworking spaces everywhere with New Work Cities, developing the Coworking Visa with Open Coworking, working with my friend Amber to spread the message of Choose Wonder, doing innovation consulting with Brainewave, and generally being a better person.

I believe we're here to help each other. My work focuses on the global coworking movement and related efforts that encourage the gathering of empowered, like-minded individuals.

I'm interested in things that challenge the status quo for the better, building conscious and intentional re­lation­ships with every aspect of life, philosophy, exoplanets, karaoke, almond butter, Spanish cider, and, tragically, the Knicks.


New Work Cities

Helping people build thriving coworking spaces around the world.


Offering free resources and platforms to support the global coworking movement.

Coworking Visa

A free and easy way for coworking spaces to let members visit each other's spaces.


Producing innovation events for organizations