Hello! You've reached the website of Tony Bacigalupo.

I'm currently working on New Work Cities, Open Coworking, Cotivation, an eBook called No More Sink Full of Mugs and generally being a better person, partner, and son.

I believe we're here to help each other. My work focuses on the global coworking movement and related things that encourage the gathering of empowered, like-minded individuals.

I'm from NY, I live in Boulder, and I travel everywhere with my partner in life and love, Amy Segreti. I love my parents and sister very much. My friends and family span the earth, connected through heritage, shared experiences, and in some cases through our mutual interest in coworking and all it represents.

I'm interested in things that challenge the status quo for the better, building conscious and intentional relationships with every aspect of life, philosophy, exoplanets, movies, music, biking, karaoke, almond butter, Spanish cider, and the Knicks.

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