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I'm currently working on New Work Cities, Open Co­working, an eBook called No More Sink Full of Mugs and generally being a better person, partner, and son.

I believe we're here to help each other. My work focuses on the global coworking movement and related efforts that encourage the gathering of empowered, like-minded individuals.

I'm from NY, I live in Boulder, and I travel everywhere with my partner in life and love, Amy Segreti.

I'm interested in things that challenge the status quo for the better, building conscious and intentional re­lation­ships with every aspect of life, philosophy, exoplanets, karaoke, almond butter, Spanish cider, and, tragically, the Knicks.



Collaborative communities
Decentralized organizations
Design jams
Gig economy
Positive Platforms
Maker movement
Social capital
Social safety net
Social impact


Community Organizing
Culture Development
Event Planning
Public Speaking
Workspace Management

Timeline of notable things

Developed community strategy for 312 Main

A 100,000 square foot project in Vancouver opening in 2017, this project aims to unite the worlds of entrepreneurship with local, underserved communities.

Developed community strategy for Vi Hub at Bell Works

Developed community cultivation plan and speaker series for a new coworking space as part of the 2,000,000 square foot redevelopment project.

Published No More Sink Full of Mugs

Wrote, layed out, and designed an eBook packed with tips from our experiences running our coworking space in NYC.

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Launched New Work City

It was a Saturday, the day after Halloween, and after over a year of searching we finally found the right fit for a home for our new coworking space. Sharing space with a startup called element^n, our subletted space could accommodate about 25 people. That night, we threw a hell of a party. It was the beginning of something very special.

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